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Peltron is a polish manufacturer of equipment to measure:
- linear displacement
- liquid level
- pressure

Pressure transducers

przetworniki ci¶nienia

Pressure transducers, differential pressure transducers, flange separators, can, food and tubus separators. manometers and gauges for pressure measurement.


Liquid level transducers

sondy poziomu cieczy

Liquid level probes.



Displacement transducers

czujniki lvdt

Transducers and gauges for linear displacement.


PELTRON TPH ltd is a polish manufacturer of measurement and control equipment operating mainly in the field of pressure and displacement measurement. As a company with over 35 years of experience, Peltron offers its customers not only standard pressure transducers, differential pressure transducers and LVDTs but also custom-made products and the entire measurement systems starting from physical quantity measurement through analog/digital converters up to computers. The company supplies its customers software both standard and custom-made. Particulary Peltron offers::

 ▪ displacement transducers – LVDT,
 ▪ pressure and differential pressure transducers,
 ▪ flange, can and tubus separators
 ▪ pressure meters,
 ▪ level probes,
 ▪ pressure and differential pressure manometers,
 ▪ tensometer amplifier,
 ▪ meters, current-loop monitors, displays
 ▪ power supply adaptors and signal converters
 ▪ analog / digital converters
 ▪ couplers, attenuators, manifolds, seals,

Having its workshop and a construction team Peltron is able to undertake each task from the pressure and displacement field.

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